Our Services

  • Software Engineering

    We provide custom solutions for unique businesses. Our experience in highly specialized application development surpasses many. From radiological monitoring to highly efficient network monitoring applications, we do it all. We would love to hear about your unique business and have the opportunity to see what we can do for you.

  • Information Security

    Security is kind of our thing. As you can see in our own privacy policy, we take it pretty seriously. We think you should too, even if you are not in the business of building military aircraft or happen to be the largest software corporation in the world.

  • Brains for Hire

    Something that corporations often take for granted is the fact that they probably employ some great minds, but they just do not get the time to think of new ideas or come up with problems to solve. It is important that a business continues to innovate over time, in order to be more impactful. We can provide you with analysts that love to find problems and solve them; their ideas can be yours.

  • Mobile Applications

    Just about everyone has a phone or a tablet these days, sometimes more than one or two. We provide services to help adapt your existing project to work nicely with the mobile world or can build a custom solution for people to access your existing data sets on the go.

  • Statistics, Monitoring, and Intelligence

    Knowing what is going on in the world, in your business, and in your competitor's minds is something that is invaluable to any business. Did you think it was impossible to know what the next big thing is, before it even hits? Well, we have developed a system that can do just that. It constantly analyzes the online trends in social media, worldwide and local news, popular forums, and even websites that are not published yet. This information is aggregated and then analyzed to produce a map of the Internet and its thoughts in real time.

  • Technical Writing and Documentation

    It bothers us when great software has poor manuals or instructions on how to use it. Most people view manuals as something that are just going to be boring and there is no way around it. However, we think differently. We have seen time and time again our technical writers come up with easy to read yet mind catching styles of presenting step by step information on basic and advanced processes.